At the Faculty or Architecture of the TU-delft the MSc-students work in their graduation-year in groups called ‘Labs’, each of which is devoted to a certain more specific subject within architecture.

The ‘Explore Lab’ however is a bit of speciality its own right. Students that have a specific idea –one that for one reason or another does not easily fit in any of the other Labs–  can apply to graduate in this Lab. As such –coming from various different angles at the subject of architecture– the students in Explore Lab are encouraged to and expected to seek for common ground and work as a team all the more: to simultaneously support the interest of the group and their own individual research-/design- projects.

An Explore Lab is bottom-up student-based: the students are fully responsible for the quality of their education and should arrange for their own individual tutors within the faculty and for invited critics, lectures, workshops etc. for the group as a whole.

This is the is the weblog of Explore-lab 6, which has started up in february 2008 with a group of 20 students. On this blog we will in time all show something of our work, and discuss it publicly.

photo of Explore-Lab 6 group


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