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 poetry & architecture flyer

*N.B. For this workshop 20 students from a foreign university will be invited to join us as participants.

 Later on we will go to that university for a week for another workshop there.





In the workshop titled: “Poetry and Architecture”, poetry stands for experience.

The workshop-theme concerns the experience of architecture, in both physical and psychological sense. We are organizing a variety of activities and lectures to study the sensory experience of space, both in a hard-scientific way as well as through a softer empiric approach.

From there we can furthermore not deny to consider the influence of the linguistic ­–or otherwise cerebral– conceptual mediation of experience, by both subjective and intersubjective cognition. (The latter may ultimately connect this workshop through art, science and the present-day ubiquitous media to our earlier training-course on Architecture and Society.)

In this respect poetry takes in an interesting position, since poems are in a way ‘purely’ linguistic constructs, which as such can evoke an emotional or experiential response. Therefore poetry will will not just be a metaphore within this workshop: we will also give it literal presence in order to inspire us refreshingly.

If you want to participate in this workshop contact us at

PRELIMINARY PROGRAM: preliminary-workshop-programme 

[link here to the post and reactions on the preliminary program]

[link here to the 1st post and reactions on this Exchange Workshop ]


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